Managers vs. Leaders (LT001)
Leadership Toolkit
Managers vs. Leaders (LT001)
So, you’re a manager, right? Great! It’s tough getting there, and your experience and hard work have paid off! But are you a leader? Many people say they’re the same thing. Although they do come hand in hand, to really be a leader you need...
Conflict Management (LT002)
Leadership Toolkit
Conflict Management (LT002)
Conflict can be hard to deal with, and sometimes the workplace can feel more like a battleground. As a leader, it’s your job to step in, but it can be tricky knowing when and how to do that. Some leaders ignore conflict altogether, which can...
Effective Meetings (LT003)
Leadership Toolkit
Effective Meetings (LT003)
In many workplaces, any mention of the word “meeting” is met with a collective sigh. That’s usually because people’s experience is of ineffective meetings which they see as boring, pointless, and a waste of valuable time. Like any...
Motivating Others (LT004)
Leadership Toolkit
Motivating Others (LT004)
Ever had a manager who criticizes everything you do, right down to the tiniest detail? Urgh, it’s frustrating. We know that they have the company’s best interests at heart, but that constant attack isn’t exactly motivating. You see, as a...
Promoting Talent (LT005)
Leadership Toolkit
Promoting Talent (LT005)
You’ve reached the dizzy heights of leadership, but it’s easy to forget how you got there. Looking back, you can probably think of a time when you felt frustrated because your talents and skills were being overlooked. Promoting talent in...
Leading by Example (LT006)
Leadership Toolkit
Leading by Example (LT006)
“If they can do it, I can do it.” When you lead by example, you make it easy for others to follow you. You might be the type of person who jumps in with both feet, or perhaps you prefer to sit back and only ever take calculated risks....
Facilitating Results (LT007)
Leadership Toolkit
Facilitating Results (LT007)
Facilitative leadership is the process of enabling your team to maximize their contributions, in order to get better results. To do this you need to establish a culture of “the team,” where you manage everyone’s skills, set clear goals, and...
Making Deals (LT008)
Leadership Toolkit
Making Deals (LT008)
The ability to spot and make deals is a key ingredient in a successful business. Companies thrive when leaders use initiative to counter any setbacks. Good leaders are always on the lookout for arrangements with other businesses, or seeking...
Leading Remote Teams (LT009)
Leadership Toolkit
Leading Remote Teams (LT009)
Do you know the magic trick where you guess which of 3 cups a ball is hidden under? Although an easy game to follow, many people become confused and end up guessing wrong. Because we rely so much on being able to see the thing we’re focusing...
Managing Change (LT010)
Leadership Toolkit
Managing Change (LT010)
Remember Heinz green ketchup? It looked, smelled, tasted, and acted exactly like original ketchup. The only difference in the sauce was the color. If you closed your eyes and tasted it, you wouldn’t have any idea it was different. But this...

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